Customers & Employees
with a Personalized
Video & Charity Donation

kudoos videos are a unique and sustainable way to engage with customers and employees and show them how your company is committed to positive change.

Send kudoos Personalized Videos for Rewards

Send kudoos cards to customer and employees and make a donation on someone’s behalf as a way to show your appreciation for:

We work with you to create your rewards video templates and generate personalized videos based on your user date. We also host the personalized videos and can create individual branded landing pages where personalized videos are shown.


Send kudoos Video Greeting Cards for Special Occasions

kudoos greeting cards include a video telling the story of your company’s donation on behalf of the recipient. The video greeting is followed by a personal message to the recipient and download graphics and videos that recipients can share.

Celebrate special events with your customers and employees throughout the year by sending them cards for:

We provide the platform for you to send greetings in a way that fits with your goals & branding:

We work with you to conceptualize, create and distribute your video cards and we can also advise you on making charity donations.

Take a look at some of our sample cards which include a tree planting donation:

Birthday Video Card - Kudoos
Christmas Video Card - Kudoos
Birth of a Child - Kudoos


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